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Access Plus Warehouse & Logistics is dedicated to providing outstanding warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, and value added services to benefit our clients and our clients’ customers, by constantly focusing on service, flexibility, effectiveness, and communication.


Access Plus Warehouse & Logistics started with warehousing at its core, and warehousing remains at the heart of our business. Additionally, we offer many value added services and unique logistical solutions to our clients. Access Plus continuously expands on its services to serve our clients’ needs. A partial list of our services:


-Pick & Pack



-Display Building


  • Service is our foundation.  We know that servicing our customers to the fullest is the only way to create a successful business relationship.  Access Plus is your partner in the supply chain and we work hard to understand you company’s individual needs.  We provide tailored solutions to your warehousing, distribution and logistics needs and we back it up with world class customer services and latest technology
  • Flexibility is what we do best.  We realize business conditions and business needs change constantly.  Access Plus emphasizes on a flexible business organization, flexible business process and a flexible mind set, compatible with changing business needs and conditions.  Access Plus rapidly adapts and adjusts to support your business needs.
  • Communication is the bond.   The bridge between service and flexibility is our communication skills.  Within our own operation and of course between our company and yours, we maintain a constant and open line of communication every step of the way in order to most efficiently deliver effective results.  Communication with our customers at every step of the way is our highest priority.
  • Effectiveness is what we deliver.  To provide a truly effective service to each of our customers on a daily basis, we emphasize accuracy, effectiveness, and professional pride in all that we do.

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