What are your contract terms?

Access Plus Warehouse & Logistics does not require long-term commitment. Unless our clients require a long-term contract, our standard contract term is 30 days.

Where are you located?

Access Plus is centrally located about 15 miles from Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Los Angeles International Airport, Downtown Los Angeles, and Long Beach Airport.

Do clients have access to their inventory?

Our warehouse management system's web portal allows our clients to have 24/7 access to their inventory, and to view the receiving and shipment history. Additionally, we offer customized scheduled reports emailed directly to our clients for their review and analysis.

Can you handle EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)?

Access Plus is fully EDI capable. Our IT partners have extensive experience in EDI mapping and we have clients who utilize EDI from full connectivity to modified or partial EDI setup.

Does Access Plus have enough space for our account?

Access Plus carefully examines each and every RFQ (request for quote). If we agree to participate in the RFQ, we will make sure to have the adequate space, labor and resources to handle the peak season of each client.

How does Access Plus plan to grow with our business?

Access Plus follows the expanding wall practice. Since 2004, when we started with 5,000 square feet of space, we have continuously added additional space as needs arise. At its peak, Access Plus operated over 300,000 square feet in three different locations.

What are your ceiling heights?

Our main facility is a Class A building with a 30' ceiling height and ESRF fire sprinkler system. Our warehouse is fully fenced and has central alarm monitoring 24/7.